OFELIA Open Calls

Two Open Calls were published offering experimenters additional funding for conducting experiments the OFELIA project.

The total budget of the two calls is 830K€, of which about one half is handed out in the first call. The maximum funding request per proposal is expected to be 200K€.


Second OFELIA Open Call - deadline April 18th, 2012, 17:00 Brussels time (closed)

The second call closed April 18th 2012.

17 proposals have come in that were reviewed, leading to four winning proposals and a total of 6 new partners to be integrated into OFELIA. Four new work packages will cover topics that so far have not been present in OFELIA, like Video-on-Demand applications, path computation engines (PCE) for optics/OpenFlow integration, data center integration and multi-link wireless based on IEEE 802.21. In addition, new OFELIA islands will grow the total number of islands to 10.

Details about the second Open Call are on the call page.


First OFELIA Open Call - deadline March 30, 2011, 5 p.m. Brussels time (closed)

The first call closed March 30th 2011. We received 21 proposals! Thank you all for considering OFELIA for your experiments. The evaluation (we found 5 independent reveiwers) is currently taking place.

We are organizing a workshop on 18th September 2011 in conjunction with the ECOC 2011 conference to give all the excellent proposals, that can't be supported by the first open call directly, the opportunity to present their ideas.


March 9th, 14:00 CET