How to Federate

For questions on how to federate with the OFELIA facility, please contact Bart Puype. He is the iMinds Island manager and OFELIA WP4 leader.

His email address is:


OFELIA User manual


The OFELIA Control Framework (OCF) is a set of software tools for testbed management, that enables experimenters to create and run experiments within the OFELIA autonomous and federated facilities. It controls experimentation life-cycle; reservation, instantiation, configuration, monitoring and uninistantiation.


GÉANT and the EU-funded project OFELIA are cooperating to provide OpenFlow-based test network facilities and have set-up a multi-domain OpenFlow testbed environment. This joint OpenFlow facility is open to be used for experiments and had been demonstrated at ONS 2013, FIA Dublin and TNC 2013.

Video: Demonstration of the GÉANT/OFELIA Multi-Domain OpenFlow Testbed and  Virtual Network Instantiation With Arbitrary Topology at FIA Dublin