OFELIA with Three Demonstrations at FIRE at Future Internet "Hands-on FIRE!" on Thursday May 10, 2012

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The EU OFELIA project will participate with three demonstrations at the FIRE at Future Internet "Hands-on FIRE!" session on Thursday May 10, 2012:

  • Using the OFELIA testbed to support Information Centric Networking

This demo is about using the OFELIA testbed to support Information Centric Networking (ICN). Despite this demo has been developed by a partner of the OFELIA project, the ICN functionalities have been implemented using the OFELIA testbed as a "regular" external user. Therefore the demo will first show how it is possible to setup a distributed experiment based on Software Defined Networking / OpenFlow on the OFELIA testbed. Using the OFELIA control framework a "slice" for the ICN experiment is requested and the hardware and software configuration of the experiment is properly configured. Coming to the specific topic of the experiment, the demo willl show how it is possile to exploit the OpenFlow architecture to realize a distributed in-network caching infrastructure supporting ICN.

  • Instantiating generalized virtual network topologies across OFELIA islands

This demo presents VeRTIGO, an advanced network virtualization framework for OpenFlow / Software Defined Networking networks developed by CREATE-NET within OFELIA project. VeRTIGO enables researchers to instantiate generalized virtual network topologies decoupled from the underlying physical topology, with the aim to let them test novel network protocols and innovative operational mechanisms in a controlled testing environment. While currently under development, VeRTIGO's main features will be shown in two experimental scenarios: the first will demonstrate how OFELIA facility can be leveraged to test network virtualization mechanisms and capabilities. The second will show how VeRTIGO can effectively replace the current network virtualization framework (FlowVisor) by instantiating a virtual topology across two different islands of the facility

  • Optical network control through OpenFlow

One of the unique features of the OFELIA project is to support optical networks using extended OpenFlow protocol and its control framework. This demo will show how experimenters can use OpenFlow enabled optical switches (ROADMs) provided by ADVA Optical Networking in the OFELIA facility. The idea is to experiment lightpath establishment in the optical networking domain using extended OpenFlow controllers and OpenFlow agents using the OFELIA testbed. OpenFlow enabled ROADMs (ADVA FSP 3000) infrastructure at University of Essex, will make use of the OFELIA testbed to run experiments in the optical domain. The demo will showcase how extended controllers interact with optical switches to discover optical network topology using OpenFlow. We will also demonstrate a sample application which users can run on top of the extended OpenFlow controller to setup and tear down a lightpath between the discovered network elements.