OFELIA coming to FIA in Dublin with workshop and demonstration

Posted by on 25 April 2013 | 0 Comments

The EU OFELIA project will be present with a workshop and a demonstration at the Future Internet week in Dublin, Ireland.

Pre FIA workshop taking place on Tuesday 7th May:

  • (G)MPLS and OpenFlow: Interworking, Integrating, or Replacing? (7 May, morning)
    The workshop addresses network researchers and engineers that have a certain background on MPLS and would like to find out the relation of GMPLS and the latest buzzword SDN. Separation of data and control planes is common to both approaches, but the APIs are completely different (and orthogonal). The workshop addresses the following questions: Will SDN replace GMPLS? How much use will SDN make of the software stacks that have been developed for GMPLS? The FP7 project OFELIA has a strong participation of research groups in the optical networks area. We invite participants from other research groups, and will provide information on the current developments.

Demonstration as part of the Hands-on FIRE! demonstrations on 8 - 10 May:

  • OpenFlow
    So far we plan to show two demos: One will show optical equipment integration into an OpenFlow control plane (this is related to the workshop described above). The second demo is prepared jointly with an OpenFlow research activity at GÉANT. We will demonstrate live the creation of a virtual network topology over a pan-European research testbed. This demo will show how network and computing resources can be orchestrated using the OFELIA control framework.