GÉANT Demonstrating at ONS OpenFlow Facility based on OFELIA Control Framework

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GÉANT, the pan-European research and education network that interconnects Europe’s National Research and Education Networks,  will demonstrate the use of its OpenFlow Facility at the Open Networking Summit (16 – 17 April 2013, Hall A of the Santa Clara Convention Center).

The orchestration software deployed on top of the GÉANT OpenFlow Facility to implement management plane functionality is the OFELIA Control Framework (OCF). OCF is being developed within the OFELIA FP7 project, and it has been adapted to fulfill the GÉANT OpenFlow Facility requirements. Development of the OFELIA Control Framework is led by i2CAT foundation.

During the demonstration a Walkthrough tutorial of the OCF GÉANT testbed will be shown, explaining the steps a user should follow to set-up and OpenFlow experiment.

The pictures below highlight the different layers of the GÉANT facility and an example experiment.

The network resources include software-based OpenFlow switches based on Open vSwitch (OvS) and network links that interconnect the OpenFlow software switches.

Two (2) general-purpose servers are installed on each of the five (5) GÉANT Points of Presence (PoPs) hosting the GÉANT OpenFlow Facility PoPs . Each server at a PoP is either:

  • The host of a software-based OpenFlow switch (Open vSwitch), or
  • Utilises a Xen hypervisor for the instantiation of multiple VMs allocable to user slices.

The data plane topology of the GÉANT OpenFlow Facility is a full mesh graph. This is achieved by a back-to-back connection of each OpenFlow switch to the local GÉANT MX router through four 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports. GÉANT OpenFlow Facility PoPs are interconnected using pseudo wires, GÉANT L2MPLS VPNs.