Demonstration of Multi-Domain OpenFlow Testbed and Virtual Network Instantiation With Arbitrary Topology at FIA Dublin

Posted by on 7 May 2013 | 0 Comments

GÉANT and OFELIA will demonstrate their joint innovative OpenFlow facility at the Future Internet Assembly (FIA) in Dublin, on 8th to 10th of May 2013. On top of their multi-domain OpenFlow testbed an innovative network virtualization framework will be demonstrated allowing experimenters to instantiate virtual programmable networks with arbitrary topology. The demonstration will be hosted in the GÉANT and OFELIA booths.

The facility demonstrated is represented by the GÉANT OpenFlow facility  and the OFELIA Islands at i2cat Barcelona, ETH Zurich, TU Berlin and CREATE-NET Trento. The network virtualization framework used in the demonstration is VeRTIGO, developed by CREATE-NET. Compared to traditional OpenFlow-based virtualization tools like FlowVisor, VeRTIGO enables researcher to test novel network protocols and innovative SDN mechanisms across several testbeds based on heterogeneous hardware.

The GÉANT OpenFlow facility is a test-bed environment deployed on top of the GEANT production network, collocated with five of the GÉANT PoPs in Vienna, Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Zagreb. The orchestration software deployed on top of the GÉANT OpenFlow Facility to implement management plane functionality is the GÉANT OpenFlow Control Framework (GOCF), empowered by the OFELIA Control Framework (OCF). OCF is being developed within the OFELIA FP7 project, and it has been adapted to fulfill the GÉANT OpenFlow Facility requirements.

The OFELIA Control Framework (OCF) is a set of software tools for testbed management. It controls the experimentation life cycle; including reservation, instantiation, configuration, monitoring. It hides the complexities involved in single and federated island setups, still providing enough information so that experimenters can program their environment using heterogeneous, scalable resources. The OCF is available under BSD license and is being actively developed and used as a production control framework by the OFELIA FP7 project testbed.

CREATE-NET  is an international research consortium hosted in Trento (Italy) and partner of OFELIA. Here, their research is focused on network virtualization mechanisms on heterogeneous network infrastructures, with a special focus on network virtualization enablers leveraging OpenFlow and the Software-defined networking concept.